Myka Stauffer "Rehomed" Adopted Son Huxley, but She Also Has Four Other Kids

Kova is Myka's oldest child, though James is not the biological father.

Shannon Raphael - Author

Jun. 11 2024, Updated 5:30 p.m. ET

For half a decade, influencer Myka Stauffer regularly uploaded vlogs to YouTube, divulging details of her life, including trials as a mom and a wife. Myka's videos would often center around her children, cleaning tutorials, and her routines. Around the time her channel had reached around 762,000 subscribers, she and her husband James Stauffer, posted a more serious video on May 26, 2020, leaving viewers polarized.

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In the seven-minute video, Myka and James revealed that they had "rehomed" their adopted son, Huxley, to a new family due to his severe special needs.

The parents explained that they did not feel properly equipped to give Huxley the care he deserved, and that he was placed with a family who was more prepared. Here's what we know about the reversed adoption and who Myka's other children are.

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Why did Myka Stuaffer "rehome" her adopted son Huxley?

"With international adoption, sometimes there's unknowns and things that are not transparent on files and things like that. Once Huxley came home, there was a lot more special needs that we weren't aware of, and that we were not told. Over the last few years, Huxley's been in numerous therapies to try to help him with all of his needs," James explained in the video.

The couple said that Huxley was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder level three, and he had both a brain tumor and a cyst.

While some commenters celebrated James and Myka for being candid about Huxley and trying to give him a home that would be better for him, others were upset at Myka and began using #CancelMykaStauffer online.

One common source of outrage among angry viewers is that Myka and James have four other kids, and they seemingly wiped Huxley out of their family narrative.

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Given all the backlash the couple received, particularly because some felt like Myka had been exploiting Huxley as he would often appear in sponsored posts, the Stauffer's decided to step away from social media. Myka hasn't been active since 2020, though James regularly updates his content on his car maintenance Instagram account, Stauffer Garage.

After the story of Huxley being "rehomed" was revisited in the Vox Media Studios docuseries titled An Update on Our Family, the spotlight has returned to the couple and their children. Let's get to know Myka's other four kids.

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1. Kova

Myka's oldest child is Kova, who was born in September of 2011. Though James is not the biological father of Kova, he's been in her life since she was a toddler. The former YouTuber explained in an Instagram post that James was never worried about being a stepparent, and that he bonded with Kova easily.

Myka began her vlogging channel when Kova was 2 years old, and her first video was about cooking food for a vegetarian child.

2. Jaka

Myka chronicled her entire pregnancy with Jaka on YouTube, and she was born in December of 2013. The couple wed the following year.

The Stauffer family celebrates Jaka's birthday every Thanksgiving.

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3. Radley

The couple welcomed their first son together in August of 2015, and like Jaka, Myka filmed her entire pregnancy journey with Radley — from taking a pregnancy test to finding out the sex to heading to the delivery room.

4. Onyx

On Instagram, Myka was candid that she and James had thought for a long time about whether or not they wanted to have another child. She announced her pregnancy in November of 2018, and she gave birth to son Onyx Trey on June 25, 2019. After, Myka showed off her youngest's growth on Instagram up until 2020 when she stopped posting.

In the past, Myka would post often about being grateful that she and James decided to expand their family.

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