Season 2 of 'Perfect Match' Ditches the Old Villa for Something New (SPOILERS)

Filming for Season 2 of Netflix's hit reality dating show 'Perfect Match' commenced in mid-August 2023 in Tulum, Mexico.

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Jun. 7 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

(L to R) Jessica Vestal, Harry Jowsey, Elys Hutchinson, and Justin Assad compete in a beachside challenge in 'Perfect Match' Season 2.
Source: Netflix

The only thing more important than what happens at the end of a reality dating show like Perfect Match and who ends up together is where and when it was filmed. Not only does that help us determine who may or may not still be together, but it also gives audiences a clearer image of where some of these couples may have fallen in love.

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For those who need a refresher, the Netflix dating show takes singles from the streamer's other reality shows and throws them together to see if any of them are meant to be. Or, at the very least, if they're compatible enough to win some challenges that include kissing and skillfully guiding colored balls into a basket without using their hands. You know, just reality TV things!

Now that we've got that down, let's circle back to the burning question: Where was Season 2 of Perfect Match filmed? Let's find out!

(L to R) Elys Hutchinson, Xanthi Perdikomatis, Micah Lussier, Tolu Ekundare, Dominque Defoe, and Jessica Vestal in Season 2 of 'Perfect Match.'
Source: Netflix
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Where was Season 2 of 'Perfect Match' filmed?

For the second season, Netflix brings the Perfect Match cast to Tulum, Mexico! Not only does host Nick Lahey disclose this in the Season 2 premiere, but eagle-eyed fans in the show's subreddit had already figured out the filming location back in September 2023.

Many cast members, including Too Hot to Handle stars Harry Jowsey and Stevan Ditter, shared snaps from the villa on Instagram. This prompted Redditor u/rjayvea to quickly screenshot the photos and post them in the show's subreddit.

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In the comment section, one curious fan asked if Season 2 was filmed in the same spot as the first season Reddit user u/hahaninja111 chimed in, revealing that they discovered it was filmed in Tulum after some cast members tagged the location in their Instagram posts.

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As of now, the specific villa used for filming remains unknown — but the closest match we've uncovered is Hacienda del Mar. This sprawling private villa spans 16,00 square feet and sits on the sandy shores of Fatima Bay beach.

It boasts 15 bedrooms and 16.5 bathrooms, as well as a 37-foot outdoor heated swimming pool with an enormous deck area. While it's currently available for booking, be prepared to dip into your savings, as rates start at $7,040 per night.

Season 1 was filmed in Playa Bonita, Panama.

In the first season of Perfect Match, viewers get a lot of shots of the exterior of a modern mansion that features an extremely large front door and a big backyard, complete with a pool and an outdoor bar. There's also a beach nearby for newbies to wash up on (OK, that last part isn't entirely true, but newcomers do show up on the beach when they arrive).

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And after a little sleuthing, we figured out where Season 1 of Perfect Match was filmed and how much it actually costs to stay at the house yourself, if you're so inclined. The villa is in Panama City and it's available to book right now! But you have to be willing to drop some serious cash. It starts at a whopping $10, 320 per night.

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That includes the use of the Casa Naga villa's six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a gym, and an outdoor infinity pool, of course. It's still a pretty penny, but luckily for the Season 1 cast of Perfect Match, Netflix footed the bill for the impressive property. The contestants just had to be willing to fall in love while they got a free vacation!

The first six episodes of Perfect Match Season 2 are now streaming on Netflix. Episodes 7-9 will release on June 14, followed by the 10th and final episode on June 21.

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