'Bad Boys 4' Replaced Theresa Randle — Fans Speculate That It's Because of Her Health

Theresa Randle has stepped back from her portrayal of Theresa Burnett in ‘Bad Boys 4,’ and the people will fight to know why.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jun. 10 2024, Published 2:26 p.m. ET

Theresa Randle at the Bad Boys II premiere
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Fans of the Bad Boys franchise were surprised when it was announced that Theresa Randle, who played Marcus Burnett's wife, Theresa, in the first three films, wouldn't be returning for Bad Boys 4. The buddy cop film franchise continues to be iconic, but without a steady female presence in Theresa, many of its fans are clamoring for details of what happened.

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At just 59 years old, Theresa hasn’t been seen in Hollywood since 2010, save for her role reprisal in 2020’s Bad Boys for Life. But when it was announced in 2023 that Empire’s Tasha Smith would take on the role of Theresa, we all wanted to know what happened to Theresa Randle. And why did she get replaced in the highly anticipated sequel?

Theresa Randle at the opening of Luxury Jewels
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Theresa was replaced in ‘Bad Boys 4’ by Tasha Smith.

Theresa Randle has been a beloved part of the Bad Boys series, bringing warmth and depth to her role as Theresa Burnett. However, her absence from the upcoming Bad Boys 4 has raised many questions. According to a 2023 Variety article, Theresa was replaced by Tasha Smith for the fourth installment of the franchise.

Many fans began to speculate about Theresa’s health because of the replacement. After the news was announced, a video began circulating of Theresa using a walker wearing a bare face in a grey sweatshirt. Several fans suggested that the video was proof of drug use or illness, although others have disputed that.

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What happened to Theresa? Many have speculated about her health but she seems to have simply retired.

In response to the growing concerns, Theresa’s former manager, Roger Neal, spoke out, addressing the rumors and providing some clarity. While not diving into specifics, Roger emphasized to RadarOnline.com, “That's definitely her. 100 percent,” but said that he no longer represents her and doesn’t know who does. He added that she doesn’t seem to be in a “bad way.”

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Other fans who claim to have been there said she broke her femur and that she was in the area to help out among the unhoused. Regardless of why she was in the area or what exactly was going on with Theresa, it’s not really our business if she no longer wants to be in the spotlight. Her recusal from Bad Boys 4 is evidence that that is the case.

The change in casting for Bad Boys 4 marks a significant shift for the franchise. While Theresa Randle's absence will be felt, the decision to replace her was made with the best interests of her health in mind. As fans, we can support Randle during her recovery and welcome Tasha Smith to the Bad Boys family, hoping that the film continues to deliver the action-packed entertainment we have come to love.

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