TikTok Is Giving White Toenail Polish a NSFW Meaning and Not Everyone Is on Board

According to some people on TikTok, women who wear white toenail polish are doing so to signal that they like a particular kind of sex.


Jun. 5 2024, Published 10:56 a.m. ET

A person painting their toenails white.
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In addition to creating an entire vocabulary of words that feel almost impossible to comprehend unless you're always on the platform, TikTok has also convinced some people that there are ways to decode the real world. One recent example involves the meaning behind white toenail polish.

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Now that summer is here, painted toenails are becoming a more common feature among many people, and some people have decided to invest some extra meaning in the colors of those toes. Here's what people on TikTok are saying about white toenail polish.

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What does white toenail polish mean?

Warning: This explanation is NSFW.

According to some people on TikTok, women who wear white toenail polish are doing so to signal that they like a particular kind of sex. Specifically, they like what are known as cream pies, which describe when men ejaculate inside of their sexual partners. Supposedly, then, wearing white toenail polish is a signal to men that they can get freaky with you.

While this may be true in a somewhat narrow sense, it's obviously ridiculous to apply it more broadly. There are plenty of women who live their lives without allowing themselves to be polluted by this kind of subliminal social media messaging. These people are painting their toenails white because they want to, because they think it looks good, or for whatever other reason they choose.

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If you see white toenail polish on someone, you definitely shouldn't just assume that they are signaling something about themselves to the world. Toenail polish is far too common to be given these kinds of specific meanings, and anyone who doesn't want to signal that meaning shouldn't be banned from wearing a certain color.

If a man wants to have sex with a woman, paying attention to what color of toenail polish she has probably shouldn't be his main priority.

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TikTok users love to ascribe meaning to everything.

This isn't the first time that TikTok users have suggested that some sort of real-world phenomenon is a secret signal about a person's preferences on one subject or another.

And, while there are some cases, like "let's go Brandon," where something obscure has a pretty particular meaning, most of the time, people do things in the real world for a wide variety of different reasons.

If you see someone with white toenail polish in the world, they might be very aware of what TikTok says that it means. It's probably more likely, though, that they just liked the color, it was the only one they had left, or it looks good with a tan.

Not everything has to be loaded down with meaning, and if you try to go through the world aware of all the signals you're sending, you're going to drive yourself crazy. If you want to wear white toenail polish, go for it, and don't worry about what people on TikTok say about what it might mean.

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