Parents Are Tired of Hearing "Skibidi Toilet Ohio Rizz," but Don't Know What It Means

Sorry to say, but if you're not in the know, then you might just have that skibidi toilet Ohio rizz.

Alex West - Author

Jun. 7 2024, Published 5:21 p.m. ET

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Toledo, Ohio

Move aside, Gen Z! It's time for Gen Alpha to take over the "what's cool" decision-making. While Gen Z gave us some fun slang like "cap" and "ate," now the next generation has come up with some pretty out-of-pocket slang like "Ohio."

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Now, it might seem obvious what Ohio means. After all, it is one of the 50 states. However, Gen Alpha has given it an entirely new meaning. Plus, they've paired it with some of their own nonsensical words to create a whole language.

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Cleveland, Ohio

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What does "Ohio" mean as slang?

To put it simple, Ohio means bad. Sorry to anyone who lives there, but the kids don't really like your state. It began when people online started talking about how there doesn't seem to be much going on in Ohio.

The conversation eventually grew into a general understanding that it was embarrassing to be from the state altogether. As a chronically online generation, Gen Alpha picked it up, ran with it, and made it a thousand times worse.

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Branding someone or something as Ohio, though, isn't even the worst you can do. Today's kids have slang words that fit together into more of a string of confusion.

Another term they are throwing around right now is "skibidi." It's a nonsensical word which also is a negative thing. It's "bad or evil" and often paired with the word "toilet."

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"Toilet" is more obviously a way to refer to something as bad and isn't necessarily exclusive to Gen Alpha. However, pairing "skibidi" and "toilet" together pretty much means ultra bad.

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You'd think the chaos would end there, but it doesn't. You can string together "skibidi," "toilet," and "Ohio" to make an ultra-mega insult. Plus, these can even go in front of more words.

For example, "rizz," which is used by both Gen Z and Gen Alpha, is a word being thrown around a lot today. It is simply short for "charisma," but a lot of the kids using it don't even know that.

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To them, having rizz would mean you are a smooth-talker who is good at flirting and can easily pick someone up. Gen Alpha throws their negative words in front of that for some insult. For example, they might say, "You have that skibidi toilet Ohio rizz."

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Yeah, it's a lot. These words all seemed to emerge in popularity at the same exact time which has led to confusion for parents and school teachers alike who try to monitor if what they're saying is deeply offensive by society's standpoint.

Other than being "potty language," nothing here is too sinister other than the possibility of being used as bullying if taken too far. Keep in mind that if you do want your kid to stop saying it, you may need to monitor their internet usage.

At this point, a lot of YouTubers and online influencers have really leaned into what's considered cool. It's basically sprinkled into videos for the next generation and they could totally pick up on those habits.

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