People Are Lining up for These Trader Joe's Mini Insulated Tote Bags

These little insulated tote bags are one of Trader Joe's hottest items this summer — but they're selling out fast.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jun. 10 2024, Published 5:54 p.m. ET

Internet trends come and go at lightning speed, and it seems most people can't refuse a good bargain. That may be part of what makes the new Trader Joe's insulated tote bags so popular.

The grocery store chain is known for more than just its delicious convenience meals and decent prices -- the brand is also known for its quality (and affordable) bags and accessories. Why one would want to parade around with the logo of a grocery store on their person is a mystery, but TJs has it figured out.

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The new mini cooler bags debuted at the store at the start of June, and they've quickly become a phenomenon online. Videos and posts about the vibrant totes quickly garner tens of thousands of views — often showcasing lines of people waiting to get their hands on one. Trader Joe's enthusiasts should look no further for their next lunch box than this affordable option.

Trader Joe's customers are obsessed with the grocery chain's new insulated tote bags.

These tote bags don't seem to have anything particularly special about them. They come in two colors, hot magenta and cool teal, and each features a palm tree and the Trader Joe's logo on them. The insulated tote bag will hold up to 1.5 gallons of food or beverage, making it about the same volume as a regular soft-shell lunch bag. They seem to be a smaller version of the brand's already popular large insulated totes.

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Despite their unassuming appearance, Trader Joe's shoppers are lining up early just to make sure they can get their hands on them. On TikTok, users have shared multiple videos of lines wrapping around the outside of the grocery store, with employees standing inside by the stands of the insulated tote bags, handing them out to customers one at a time.

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The mini insulated tote bags are being resold online.

For those who weren't able to get their hands on one of these limited edition items, there are some oh-so-kind resellers out there who are selling theirs online — at a significant markup, of course. Though the tote bags only retail for $3.99 in store, resellers are willing to part with their supply for anywhere from $18 to $45.

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Though the lower end of these resale prices aren't necessarily out of the norm for an insulated tote bag that could double as a lunch box, it's more than four times the item's base price in store. The popular grocery chain seemed to be aware that these items would be particularly popular, as the stores have a limit of anywhere from two to five a customer when purchased at Trader Joe's.

Those looking to get their hands on one should act fast — considering the rate at which they're selling out at (and being sold online), it's likely the stock won't stay on the shelves for much longer. The company hasn't made it clear how long they'll be available for, though this is likely a seasonal item.

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