Natasha Owens Released Another Song About Donald Trump and Somehow It Isn't a Parody

Donald Trump has dedicated fans, but no one’s as “devoted” as country singer Natasha Owens, who calls Trump “The Chosen One.”

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jun. 7 2024, Published 3:12 p.m. ET

The best and worst parts of Donald Trump joining the political arena are similar — the art that has come out of it. Many comedians, television show hosts, and others have used Trump as the butt of a joke and it never gets old. On the flip side, there is plenty of pro-Trump “art” in the world, and country singer Natasha Owens just added the latest installment with her song, “The Chosen One.”

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“The Chosen One” is a bizarre ode to Trump that elicits religious imagery comparing Trump to Jesus and God. Despite Natasha’s claim to be a devoted Christian and her disclaimer at the top in which she sings, “I’m not saying he’s something divine.” Even still, Trump fanatics are loving the ditty while “liberal chumps” are happily laughing at it.

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Natasha Owens’s song about Trump, “The Chosen One,” has been streamed almost 100,000 times.

Natasha is a legitimate country singer, which is why it’s that much more ridiculous she released this song calling Trump “The Chosen One.” The song seems to have been inspired by Trump’s guilty conviction as she admits that he “gets in trouble bigly” and is an “imperfect” person.

In the chorus, she sings, “I’m standing with the Chosen one / Ain’t no stopping what the Lord’s begun / He’s only human / Like you and me,” showing her devotion to someone who makes mistakes, which is part of what makes him “chosen.” Do we think the song will win over any new Trump supporters?

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Well, Natasha doesn’t rely on policy or facts to make a case for Trump. She simply appeals to people’s emotions by trying to turn Trump into an empathetic figure. “He’s just like us!” the song suggests, while also positing that he’s the guy who will carry us out from our sacrilegious America into a new era of prosperity. But we doubt that will convince anyone who Trump's schtick hasn’t already convinced.

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There’s a big musical movement of songs written about Donald Trump.

We thought Natasha’s “The Chosen One” was a bit much, but it isn't the first song about Trump and it definitely won’t be the last. The release of the country singer’s controversial single led us down a rabbit hole of Trump-inspired romps that are typically country with very little factual information to support their fanaticism.

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In 2023, Natasha released a song called, “Trump Won,” which was about how Trump won in the 2020 election (for the record, he actually lost). In the song, she suggests that he probably won California and New York over, which is frankly just ridiculous based on the voting records from those states. Trump’s fans, however, loved the song and suggested he play it at all his rallies.

Another song called “Real Women Vote for Trump” by three women who call themselves The Deplorable Choir garnered quite a bit of attention in 2020. The song went viral, and while the lyrics are pretty repetitive and diminutive, the tune was so catchy that one commenter even wrote, “I am a liberal chump but this song is such a slay.”

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While the songs are relatively catchy, the most unfortunate part of them is that they make it nearly impossible to parody Trump with our own fake supporter songs. The real supporters’ songs are so bizarre that reality seems to be a parody of itself already. So give it a listen if you’re so inclined, but not at the expense of your sanity.

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