Is 'Seeking Sister Wife' Real? Fans Are Curious About the Show

If they're willing to go through so much for polygamy, especially since they have kids, one would hope 'Seeking Sister Wife' is real.

Melissa Willets - Author

Jun. 3 2024, Published 1:00 p.m. ET

With Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife premiering in 2024, fans are wondering how much of this TLC reality show is real, and how much is for the cameras.

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Let's explore whether the families featured on the show are actually interested in polygamous relationships, or if it's just for the fame and fortune that comes along with being a reality star. Read on to learn the truth.

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Is 'Seeking Sister Wife' real or just reality TV?

On Season 5 of the addictive reality program, we catch up with Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, who went to great extremes to go from a monogamous to a polygamous marriage.

Garrick went so far as to divorce his wife of more than a decade to marry Roberta, who was from Brazil and needed a green card to legally come to the U.S.

It seems their efforts didn't pay off in the end, because Roberta left the relationship and seemingly used the Merrifields.

Surprisingly, in Season 5, Garrick and Dannielle are actually considering adding another wife to their family once again!

If they're willing to go through so much for polygamy, especially since they have kids, one would hope the show is real and now just for the sake of being famous!

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What about the other couples on 'Seeking Sister Wife' — Are they real?

Of course, the Merrifields aren't the only polygamous family on the show. This season, we catch up with Nailah and Naeem Salahuddin, who are still looking to add another wife to their testy relationship.

There's also Nick, Jennifer, April, and Danielle Davis who star on Seeking Sister Wife.

Fans meet two new families as well: Shane and Ashley Sherwood, who are looking to expand their marriage, and Becky and Justin Ryan, who likewise seek to add another wife.

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Many fans wonder how real their relationships are. Unfortunately, there's no way to know for sure. We can only rely on fan theories.

For example, beyond simply seeking fame, some fans have said that the couples on the show aren't really into polygamy, like, say Sister Wives used to be. Instead, they think that these men and women want to get intimate with other people outside their marriage — and this is their way to get there.

Consider how one Redditor said about Garrick's penchant for Brazilian women, "His play thing isn’t even in the country. It's sex tourism as best. Can’t watch that show."

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Other people point out that not all of the families on the show are Mormon, and instead use their own logic to justify their polygamous lifestyles.

"Garrick makes crap up as he goes along," one person commented to the YouTube trailer for Season 5.

No matter what, all fans seems to agree that many of the women on the show don't seem very happy, especially Dannielle. Bottom line: If the show isn't real, as in, the men and women aren't really into being polygamous, it sure appears that they are putting themselves through a lot of unnecessary heartache.

What's your take?

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