Dusty Crum's Girlfriend Is a Snake Hunting Fanatic — A 'Swamp People' Perfect Match

Who could be a better match for Dusty Crum than another snake hunter with a total passion for nature?

Alex West - Author

Jun. 5 2024, Published 10:17 p.m. ET

Dusty Crum wearing a black hat
Source: Facebook/Dusty Crum

Fans of Swamp People simply can't stop watching the wildman's antics. The History Channel considers Dusty Crum to be "one of the toughest snake hunters around." So, it makes sense that people want to know more about him, especially a peek into this icon's personal life.

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While his heart seems to be in the swamp, that doesn't mean it can't take a little bit of time and search for love, too, right? Many fans want to know if Dusty is married. Keep reading to find out.

Dusty Crum and Natalee McKinney pose with a python draped across their shoulders
Source: Facebook/Scrap Straps
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Is Dusty Crum from 'Swamp People' married?

Dusty has devoted much of his life to hunting pythons and gators. Does he have time to devote to someone else? Well, it turns out he does, but they aren't exactly married yet.

To balance his love life and work life, it would make sense for Dusty to link up with someone in his field. In this case, he's dating fellow snake hunter Natalee Mckinney.

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Between Swamp People and Guardians of the Glades, Dusty stays busy. Natalee made some appearances on Guardians of the Blades. In one notable episode, they captured a 20-foot-long Burmese python together.

She has been in Dusty's life for years now and, while they aren't married, their lives are pretty intertwined. In fact, they run a business together — an orchard called Orchid Envy.

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Natalee Mckinney and Dusty Crum hold a python together
Source: Facebook/Natalie Mckinney

“Natalee was working in a greenhouse in Myakka. She got me hooked,” Dusty told Observer. “I got interested in the science end of it.” While he's all rough on the edges, he really enjoys this more mild touch of nature.

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“There’s a new color or a new hybrid plant — I want to find the next thing,” he said. “It is like hunting, in a sense,” Dusty explained, but their little business wasn't enough to hold him forever.

Natalee is the one who inspired Dusty to get into python hunting. She gave him a challenge, which got him out of the house for a while. “I can’t drag him out of bed at 8 a.m., and he left at 4 a.m. this morning [to go back to the Everglades],” she said. “He’s excited. You’re not going to confine him to a 9-to-5 job, ever,”

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Who is Natalee Mckinney?

There's not too much out there about Natalee as she's more lowkey than her boyfriend Dusty. However, we do know that she's a Florida native, moving from Sarasota to Myakka City.

Dusty Crum and Natalee Mckinney at a race track
Source: Facebook/Natalee Mckinney
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Natalee lives a similar "hillbilly" lifestyle as her boyfriend, posting lots about the snakes that are running amuck. She's also still promoting the Florida Python Challenge every year, inspiring others to get involved.

Natalee also enjoys cars and visited a car show on Venice Island in March 2024. She snapped lots of photos of the cars, displaying them on her Facebook.

When it was time to let go of her own vehicle, it was difficult for her to do. "This little guy has to find a new ride ... scrap yard ... final resting spot ... who’d ever thought getting rid of an old car would make you sad. It was good to me," she wrote on Facebook.

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