Bryton Might Be a Walking Red Flag on 'Perfect Match,' but He Caught Someone’s Eye IRL

Bryton first competed on Netflix's 'Squid Game' reality show.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jun. 7 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 2, Episodes 1-6 of Perfect Match.

When Bryton Constantin was introduced as Player 432 in the Netflix competition show Squid Game: The Challenge, he showed how ruthless he can be. And sometimes, his ego got the best of him. So it came as little surprise to most when he entered Perfect Match with a similar mindset. That being said, is Bryton dating anyone after Perfect Match or is he still flying solo?

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Bryton initially connects with Dominique Defoe, but their personalities clash a bit. So much so that Dominique breaks things off with him during a week when Bryton doesn't have any other options. As a result, Bryton goes home within the first few episodes of Season 2. However, outside of the show, he may be seeing someone new. Or, he's holding out hope for a call about being in a future season of Too Hot to Handle.

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Who is Bryton Constantin from 'Perfect Match' dating now?

The issue with Bryton is that he's good looking and he knows it. Granted, other contestants on shows like Perfect Match have a similar frame of mind, but they also know when to turn it off to charm the ladies. Bryton tries to do that with Dominique, but it ends up being too little too late. Regardless of whether or not the overly confident act is just that, an act, Bryton has made plenty of fans from being on Netflix.

At first, judging by Instagram, it doesn't look like Bryton is seeing anyone romantically. His Instagram is full of gym selfies and other photos of himself, with a few family shots thrown in there. But he likely purposely left out any potential girlfriend photos on Instagram to not give away any Perfect Match spoilers. But he wasn't entirely careful, because thanks to some comments left on one of his photos, we can see that Bryton is indeed dating someone now.

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It appears that Bryton is dating Jade Gentile, known under her professional wrestling name of Jazmyn Nyx under the WWE brand NXT. After Jade shared a photo of herself on the beach in January 2024, Bryton commented, "Don't ever post something looking this good again. xo xo - your bf." And in April 2024, Bryton commented on another post of hers simply to say "I love you." Despite not finding love on Perfect Match, it looks like Bryton didn't really need reality TV for that anyway.

Did Bryton have a girlfriend when he went on 'Perfect Match'?

According to reports, Perfect Match Season 2 was filmed in or around August 2023. Since Bryton's comments on Jade's Instagram don't appear to have begun until January 2024, it's unlikely that Bryton and Jade were dating when he went on the show. Does that mean Bryton wasn't dating anyone? Not necessarily, but for now, he's in the clear.

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