What's Going on With Aspyn Ovard's Divorce? She Recently Paused the Filing

Aspyn Ovard filed for divorce on April 1, 2024, and almost simultaneously announced the birth of her third daughter. Is the divorce for real?


May 30 2024, Updated 10:55 a.m. ET

Although she's just 27 years old, YouTuber Aspyn Ovard has been married to her husband for eight years. In April 2024, though, news broke that she had filed for divorce from him, even as she also announced the birth of her third child.

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Following this flood of news, many understandably wanted to better understand what the divorce was over and why Aspyn filed for divorce without making any sort of public comment about it. Here's what we know about Aspyn's divorce.

The divorce filing between Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris.
Source: District Court of Utah

The divorce filing between Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris.

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Why did Aspyn Ovard file for divorce?

According to court documents obtained by DreamDive, Aspyn filed for divorce in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 1, 2024. There are no details as to the reason behind the divorce, and Aspyn and her husband Parker Ferris haven't addressed the news publicly yet.

That same day, Aspyn announced the birth of her third child after revealing that she was expecting in October 2023.

The exact date her child was born is unclear, but Aspyn said that her daughter, whose name hasn't been revealed yet, came early at just 34 weeks.

“So I just had a baby. I feel like I’m in shock because she’s super early,” Aspyn said in one of several TikTok videos she shared about her daughter's birth. “My brain is just not processing what’s happening.”

“She’s in the NICU right now, she’s doing really well, but she’s super early so she’s going to be there for a minute," Aspyn added.

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Aspyn said that she had a feeling the baby would come early, but she hadn't expected her to come this early.

“My other girls were two weeks early, so I was thinking that, like, the baby would probably follow that pattern,” Aspyn explained. “It’s not quite hitting me yet.”

Aspyn also shared a TikTok with Parker as they awaited their youngest child's arrival. The two also share two other children, Cove, 4, and Lola, 2.

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Aspyn and Parker took a babymoon to Mexico at the beginning of March and seemed to be on good terms with one another. They even appeared quite intimate with one another.

The news of the divorce seems quite sudden and it doesn't fully align with the content that Aspyn has been putting out on social media.

Until either Aspyn or Parker explicitly addresses the reasons for the divorce (which was filed on April 1, but that would be a weird prank), fans will be left to speculate about what exactly is going on with her.

In the meantime, the divorce has been paused, per E! News. The outlet said the motion for a stay was granted on April 17, more than two weeks after she filed, by a Salt Lake County district court judge, "pending the outcome of settlement negotiations."

Regardless of when her third child was born, though, it's safe to say that Aspyn is experiencing a pretty eventful time in her life right now.

Hopefully, whatever happens with Aspyn and Parker, the two can remain amicable for the sake of their children, whom they both seem to love a great deal. Until we know what happened, though, we won't be able to fully understand the situation or who, if anyone, is at fault.

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