‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Season 2 May Have Ended Summer and Noelle’s Friendship

Noelle said her friendship with Summer “will never be the same” after their Season 2 drama.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

May 29 2024, Updated 2:36 p.m. ET

(l-r): Noelle Hughley and Summer Marie Thomas
Source: Bravo

The sophomore season of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard delivered an unexpected feud between one of the OGs and the sole newbie of the Bravo show.

In the first episode of Season 2, Summer Marie Thomas joined her co-stars for another few weeks of cohabitation. Only this time, Summer brought a friend outside of the housemates: Noelle Hughey.

At first, “No No” (Noelle) seamlessly integrated with the group, giving the impression that she had been part of the gang since day one.

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However, as Noelle got to know her new roommates better, a rift started to form between her and Summer. This tension escalated in a later episode of the season.

Unlike some Bravo peers, Summer and Noelle addressed their issues head-on. Still, fans must know if their friendship survived the reality TV curse.

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Are ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ stars Summer Marie Thomas and Noelle Hughley friends?

During Jordan Emanuel’s “Freaknik” party, Summer blew up on Bria Fleming after misinterpreting Bria’s drunken comments in her bedroom. Summer admittedly became jealous of Noelle, Bria, and Shanice Henderson’s growing bond.

As she continued misunderstanding Bria, Summer stormed out of the room and yelled that Bria’s boyfriend, Simon Marco, “doesn’t f--k with you, you dumb b---h.” Noelle chased after Summer and tried to calm her down. However, she was met with Summer shoving her and telling Noelle to unhand her.

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Summer and Noelle talked soberly about the explosive night during breakfast the following morning. Noelle started the talk by telling Summer, “I feel like you like me, and you don’t like me.” Summer confirmed she has “a lot of love” for Noelle and said she was on the “receiving end” of her anger towards Bria and didn’t remember pushing Noelle.

“When I’m angry, I see red,” Summer explained to Noelle.

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Noelle told Summer she felt her shove was “deeper” than her drinking heavily or being angry at Bria. In a confessional interview, Noelle said the physical act was another example of Summer showing her “true colors.” She also shared that she could forgive Summer but that their friendship would forever change.

“I can always forgive, but it will never be the same,” Noelle said.

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Noelle has hinted that she and Summer are no longer friends.

When Summer introduced Noelle to the group, she explained they connected through Noelle’s roommate, who was also one of Summer’s “situations.” The women quickly hit it off and were in great spirits when Noelle entered the house. But soon, the drama between the friends became palpable on screen.

After a slight love triangle formed between Noelle, Summer, and fellow co-star Alex Tyree, Noelle and Summer’s relationship began to shift, Noelle told DreamDive in April 2024 that she had no idea Summer and Alex were romantically involved, which was something Summer spilled to the group in the Season 2 premiere.

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(l-r): Noelle Hughley, Alex Tyree, and Summer Marie Thomas
Source: Bravo

Though they seemingly wanted to move past Noelle’s short-lived pursuit of Alex, Summer getting physical with Noelle crossed another boundary that Noelle wasn’t sure they would return from.

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Despite Noelle stating that her friendship with Summer will never be what it was, both ladies have shared photos of each other on outings with their co-stars since Season 2 wrapped. However, during an interview with GreatIsNate on Instagram Live, Noelle said that she and Summer were still having problems and things were decidedly not good between them.

It seems like things are still rather messy between the two co-stars, but here's hoping they can iron things out!

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