Influencers Matt and Abby Have Mormon Friends, but Are They Mormon Themselves?

Matt and Abby have grown from a midwestern and moderately religious couple into a highly-followed TikTok power couple.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jun. 5 2024, Published 9:03 a.m. ET

The world of TikTok has made it so that anyone can get famous, even a little couple from Missouri. Abby and Matt Howard first met in eighth grade during a summer theater program at Muny, St. Louis, and both went to Missouri State University when it was time to go to college. They tied the knot shortly after and are now one of the most popular couples on TikTok.

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Matt and Abby gained notoriety through resharing trending dance routines and challenges, as well as vlogs about their everyday life. While Abby has a reference to her religion in her Instagram bio, Matt has been quieter about his religious leanings. But their circle of friends and buttoned-up behavior has led followers to wonder if they’re Mormon.

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Matt and Abby aren't Mormon, as far as viewers can tell.

While Mormonism is definitely popular among the well-paid influencer stars, it doesn’t seem like Matt and Abby observe the Mormon faith. Neither has spoken about which denomination of Christianity they observe, although they do harness the image of the “perfect” Christian American family.

Their followers often joke about how Matt walks around frequently without his shirt on in videos while Abby has posted bikini and other scantily clad pictures. However, Mormonism requires its followers to “wear garments,” a practice of covering up and wearing less revealing clothing. Some Redditors even suggested that failure to do so could get one’s standing in the Mormon church revoked.

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Others noted that because Matt and Abby first gained fame through sharing videos from their wedding, the ceremony would have looked extremely different if they were Mormon. They would have to be “temple married,” referring to a specific Mormon marriage tradition different from a stereotypical church marriage.

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Matt and Abby are friends with many Mormon influencers.

Although Matt and Abby don’t appear to be Mormon, they seem to run in the same circles as Mormon influencers. “I have family who are Mormon and they don’t believe in caffeine and dress very modestly. I think they’re heavily Christian but not Mormon,” one Redditor suggested.

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Another added, “They have a big crush on Mormon vloggers because of their ‘wholesomeness’ and high success rate in the family vlogging/social media world. They're Midwest wannabes who can't embrace Joseph Smith but want to think they are just as perfect, virtuous and fortunate.”

While that comment is seemingly loaded with disdain, there is some truth to the fact that they’re often seen spending time with Mormon vloggers and influencers, yet haven’t publicly embraced the religion themselves. Many Mormon influencers talk openly about their involvement with the Church of the Latter Day Saints, and we would be shocked if Matt and Abby were involved without sharing any details with their followers.

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For now, it seems like Matt and Abby are just religious non-denominational Christians who appreciate a strong sense of faith. But their young age, good looks, and apparent pro-life perspective don’t make them Mormon.

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